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Hot water tanks \ Instant water heaters

We can assist you and help you find the right fit for your living accommodations. Our certified technicians will determine what size tank will be suitable for your home to save you the most amount of money possible. Rebates are also available on selected brands.
  • Hot water tank Installation
  • Hot water tank repair
  • Hot water tank repipe
  • Tankless/On-Demand Water heater install

How To Tell If You Need A New Hot Water Tank

Generally, most water heaters that are more than 10 years old should be considered for replacement. If you discover rusty water coming from your water heater and it only comes from the hot side piping in your home, this can be a sign that your water heater is rusting away on the inside and it may begin to leak soon. As a water heater ages, sediment will build up on the bottom of the tank. As the sediment is heated and reheated, it eventually will harden. When this happens, the heater will have to use more gas or electricity to heat the water creating less efficiency and higher electrical/gas bills. You can often hear rumbling or banging sounds coming from the water heater as it is heating up. This is a sign that the water heater is at the end of its useful life. If you notice moisture around your water, you may have a small leak or a fracture in the tank. As the metal heats, it expands and if there are slight fractures, water may leak from the tank. Give A-West Plumbing & Heating Ltd a call to discuss further.


Let the team at A-West Plumbing & Heating LTD ensure your home has the proper heat calculations required for a maximum output of heat and a lower utility bill. Our certified technicians can help with any install or repair requirements you may have .
  • Boiler installation
  • Panel Radiator installation
  • Baseboard Convector installation
  • Radiant in-floor installation\repair
  • Expansion tank installation
  • Boiler Maintenance and inspection
  • Ensure there are no clogs or blockages
  • Estimate remaining life of the boiler
  • Inspect fittings and valves
  • Check relief valves and emergency shut-off
  • Inspect the chimney and exhaust vents
  • Check function of pilot light or electric ignition
  • Test for gas leaks and carbon monoxide issues
  • Check the water quality
  • Ensure there are no clogs or blockages
  • Make sure the boiler is free of rust and corrosion

How a Boiler System Works

A boiler heating system is comprised of two parts: the boiler that heats and distributes the water, and the pipe network through which the water flows. The pipes are installed in the walls or subfloor of each room in the house, and are all connected to the boiler. The boiler pumps hot water through these pipes during operation. As the water flows through the pipes, the heat from it radiates through them and into the room. This is how the boiler heats the house. It is also why this form of heating is called “radiant heating.”

The Benefits of a Boiler System

Radiant heating offers a number of unique advantages, first among them that of energy efficiency. Water makes a much better thermal medium than air does, able to hold more heat for longer. Boiler systems also don’t have to worry about duct leaks, which cause losses up to 30% in forced air systems.

Boilers also heat rooms more evenly than forced air heating systems. Since warm air rises to the top of a room and sinks as it cools, forced air heating systems tend to create hot and cold spots during operation. Boilers transport thermal energy between solid objects, keeping all the heat near the floor of the room where it’s needed.


Providing your household with the proper furnace installation can benefit not only your wallet but your quality of life . A-West Plumbing & Heating ltd certified red seal gas fitters ,give you assurance the job is done right and to all local codes , safety and comfort is our main priority.

Furnace installation

Single stage Furnace

Single stage furnaces are the least efficient systems in terms of energy, but they are the lowest cost to buy competitive with other high-Efficiency types.

Two Stage Furnace

This type of furnace keeps the flame “on/high”, “on/low” or “off”.

By adding this second flame the system makes a dramatic difference in energy cost. these furnaces are quieter and higher in cost.


Variable Furnaces

This is the most comfortable furnace you can purchase.

A modulating furnace will prevent the temperature changes!

typical of single- and 2-stage furnaces that leave some Area with cold spots where the heat doesn’t last between furnace cycles or hot spots where heat builds up. Furnace Repair Vancouver

You will also avoid the periods of cold before the furnace back on.

A Variable furnace makes slight frequent adjustments, offering you constant and comfortable temperatures all around your home and runs more quietly and efficiently than other Furnace types

These furnaces are the best energy efficient furnace with 98% Efficiency

Furnace Maintenance Energy Savings

A dirty heating system has to work harder than necessary to raise the temperature in your home. Furnace Repair in Greater Vancouver and Furnace Service

During the Service appointment, a Certified technician will perform a number of vital operations including:

  • Tightening loose connections if there is any
  • Cleaning or changing the air filter testing airflow on your heating System
  • Inspect ductwork
  • Test the Wiring
  • Test thermostat if it’s calling for Heat properly

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